Day one - leaving Portland

Parked outside the Working Girls Hotel


My buddy Eilert

Wild Bill



Gunilla and Bjorn


Life is good

Life gets better!


I can't take it any more....

Our room - very nice.

Breakfast next morning...

and the gang is good to go

South of Union

Where we saw...


Baker City valley

The Oregon Trail Museum

Well done

and worth a stop

Many things to see

also take a trip inside


Lunch stop

Bring on the burgers..

and the beer!

Sumpter dredge

Impressive machine

You can walk inside too

Heading southeast

Crossing a creek

Wild Bill in action

Stig Tuck

Dropping down

Grassy meadows

Snake River in the distance

Fun little road

We have arrived

Our camp site

This will work!

Next morning


"I'm ready!"

View of Snake River

Oregon Trail

On the trail


Rugged landscape

And we are back on the trail!

Dry and dusty

Oywhee Dam

Notice low water level

This dam is the predecessor.. Hoover dam.

Starting the climb

Heading up Fisherman road

Up on top

Looking south

Taking a break

Dave has a slow leak

Thomas got his first road rash

Eilert behind the wheel

Heading south

View south

Movin' on!

Leslie Gulch sign

Surreal landscape

Kodak moment

Leslie Gulch is one of a kind

Sculpted by wind and water

The boat launch

Oywhee River

Oywhee River

Dusty Grand Cherokee

Bighorn sheep!

FJ taking to water!


Thomas picked up a rock

Punched a hole in the tire

Heading into Idaho

Towards Silver City

Climbing a narrow trail to our camp site

Gunilla inspecting the site

Wild Bill coming up

Dave coming up

Couple of sunset shots

The eagle has landed!



Not a bad time


Packing up

Tent is almost done

Eilert still having fun!

Silver City!

Gunilla and Eilert

Inside Idaho Hotel

The bar


This picture is a fake

This one is real - the Wild Bunch

Traffic light!

Eilert ticketed for jaywalking

Eilert paying his fine

Pre-paying my fine!

Silver City - established 1863

Idaho Hotel

More Silver City pics

School building

Two story outhouse?

Catholic Church

Wild Bill and the bunch.....

We're thirsty too..

The new "Wild Bunch".......

High noon........

Modern horses...

Refuling in Jordan Valley

Overlooking Three Forks

Heading down to the river.

Oywhee river - river rafting mecca

Getting ready to cross

Nice "beach"

Good place to camp

Warm springs creek

Kid soaking in the pool

Heading back across

Climbing out of the canyon

Ready to head west

This was the suthermost point on the trip

A few last looks at Oywhee

What dryspell?

Heading towards Alvord Desert

Mickey Hot Springs

Too hot for comfort

Wild horse

Expelled from heard?

Nature's way

Nice dust!

Steens Mountain in the background

Heading out on Alvord Desert

Driving on Alvord Desert

A kick in the pants!

Getting ready to camp

Steens Mountain profiled

Eilert having a great time

Eilert setting up his tent


Desert night drive

Bill, Eilert, Dave and Thomas going for a drive

Thomas high-centered

Bill firing up his galaxy beams

I'll never drink Tequila again....

Early morning coffee - ahhhhh

Our site

The hacienda!

I've had my coffee!

Man, that hit the spot

Almost ready to move on

Leaving nothing but tracks in the sand....

On the western side

we saw sand yahts.

Another flat

Putting in a plug

Planning the route back home


Plane parked in Fields

Hunting for a B24

AS far as we could drive

Leaving the truck and walking

Airplane parts!

The gang is waiting

Mission accomplished!

Planning the last leg

Lakeview, Oregon

Hunters Lodge and camping

Lunch stop on the way home

Just north of Bend

Crooked River canyon - new bridge in the background

Eilert taking in the sights

Railroad bride in the background

Standing on the old bridge

Two happy travelers!