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We are a group of off road enthusiasts that enjoy exploring the Northwest part of the US - in particular Oregon and Washington. Our purpose is to enjoy the history, geology and nature we have around us. A rich past, dating to Native Americans, Lewis and Clark, the wild frontier and now the remnants of that past - ghost towns, remains of settlements and old mines. We enjoy the challenges of finding them, getting to them and exploring what is left - at the same time realizing that shortly most of what we see will be gone.

Our trips are in general 4-5 days long, and we do two or three trips every year. Much time is spent researching the Wild West period of the NW and in the process we learn about the history, the people, the climate and geology - why people came and often, why they left.

During our exploring we "Thread Lightly" and do not venture into undisturbed areas - we consider ourselves stewards of the land, and leave nothing but memories and take nothing but pictures.

The name and sign of Bjorn Tours....well, my name is Bjorn.....

Take care and enjoy our travels.


Bjorn Tours Memorial Day 2004

Memorial Day 2005

4th of July 2005

Bend, 4th of July 2005

Washington State, Labor Day 2005

Moab 2006 - courtesy of Dave Trulsen

Memorial Day 2008

Labor Day 2008

Memorial Day 2009 - in process
July 2009 in process

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